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Bringing to life, unique, one of a kind, hand sculpted, stone, tile and glass creations. Using techniques, from the old world through recycled art, to the daily challenge of finding the new ways, yet to be dreamed. Most of my pieces, the customer and I pick out the materials that reflect the mood we are trying to achieve. Concept outlines will be made. While the making of the piece itself takes on a life of it's own. I humbly plug into the flow and the movement of the piece as a whole. While allowing each piece it's own identity.
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Using a variety of materials including natural stones, glass, metals, unique clay tiles and recycled objects I create one of a kind mosaic pieces.  Although I specialize in architectural installations I also create custom wall hangings. The majority of my work is in residential environments in which I collaborate with my client to craft a mosaic that inspires and enhances the environment it is in.  Having spent many years as a tile mason learning and expanding my technique, my goal is to produce distinctive art pieces that can flow naturally into an existing space.  With dedication to the craft and a profound respect for ancient architectural styles I introduce organic compound curves to off set the monotonous, lineal aesthetic that is found in most tile installations. Throughout my life I have sought out different means to express my creativity, being a tile mason by trade, mosaics were an obvious choice.  I have enjoyed the challenge and creative outlet it has provided me and look forward to evolving with each project I am given.